Now Is The Time

Dear friends,

The other day, someone asked me how things were in my world. Great question, right? Her words caused me to focus in a new way on what is going on around us. There’s still time, but hey! Our world has some serious issues, right? Dolphins are slaughtered for bait, toxicity is creating an ever-increasing epidemic of cancer, borders still exist that devastate lives through warfare and immigration barriers that separate loved ones, not to mention the big baddie: climate change.

But! There’s still time. Wise Divine Minds have already designed a plan that gets us out of this mess – but we each have to do our part. All the slack is out of the system now, all the lag-time has been used. Now is the time for each of us to step up, and step up in a big way. 

Of course there’s always the next planet – but this one is worth saving, too.  It’s time for all of us to consider how we can play a larger game, not a smaller one. How can we make more of an impact? How can we do more? Now is the time. For sure.

I suspect my friend was just extending the typical social greeting, and this is probably a lot more of an answer than she expected or wanted. It’s just that I am actually committed to the cause of helping all beings live their soul plans, creating lives of joy in a world that works, and doing it NOW before it’s too late. Very soon now, it will be too late.

I’ve discovered keeping quiet about it definitely doesn’t work. I’ve also discovered that, for the most part, speaking about it doesn’t work either  – but taking action feels good. Regardless of how the other person responds, my soul is encouraged and takes hope when I take action. This is how I can find the heart to continue on: I keep taking action.

Will you join me? For real? We need capable people like you.  We do.  And yes, I am talking to YOU. There’s so little time left, and so few are actually stepping up. Almost everyone is still fighting with their Guides, lagging and arguing, waiting for life to kick them before they respond. Meanwhile the Arctic ice is disappearing at exactly the rate the Guides predicted, about 10 to 20 times faster than the “scientists” said it would. In about 2 more years, it’s gone. When that’s gone, if we’re still headed hard in the wrong direction, we are past the point of no return, for this society on this planet at any rate. Of course there’s always the next planet – but taking action feels good. 

My friend, I don’t necessarily expect an answer. Most people ignore emails and blogs like this, because they aren’t ready to say “YES I’ll do it,” and feel wrong about saying “no,” honestly and forthrightly – so they just don’t respond. Sometimes they even take the next step and go around saying really harsh things about me – which is a beautiful gift to me, because then I discover that, with focus and determined effort, I can love them anyway. 

So. However you react will give me a gift. If you say harsh things, I will love you anyway and be grateful for the opportunity to stretch and grow. If you ignore me, I will love you anyway and be grateful for the opportunity to stretch and grow. If you join me? I will love you and we will have a joyous, amazing experience of transforming the world together, stretching and growing big-time.

Will you join me?



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