Parallels in Truth – an email from a student

Greetings dear friends,
So many of us are stuck in our lives because we are afraid to look at the truth of what’s really going on. Instead, we sit with our blinders on, denying what we need to change. This keeps us trapped in misery.  Clearly this is happening; look at how common it is to take pain-killers, sleep aids, anti-depressants, and anti-anxiety “medications.” That’s all about covering up the pain; it’s part of the pattern of denial, and only prolongs our suffering.
In the Lightworkers Healing Method, we begin to learn to distinguish what is true about our lives and about the world around us.  In this way, we can become free, and move into lives of JOY. One of our advanced students wrote a beautiful email yesterday. With her permission, I’m sharing it with you, below.
For more about the Lightworkers Healing Method, come to .  There are only four entry-level classes each year; the next is a six-day intensive at Kripalu, January 26-31. On March 8-9, we have another entry-level class in our standard format of a weekend workshop. Will you join us?
with love,
Dearest Lynn, Truth has inspired me to write this and pass it on to you.  
Parallels in Truth

The current Pope is changing the face of Catholicism.  He recently declared there to be no real physical hell with fire and brimstone scalding the sinners, but rather, being separated from God being such a miserable choice that it has been called hell.
He also denounced the notion of Catholicism being the only path to God, and rather declared that all religions follow the road home.  He suggested that the doors of the Catholic Church be opened to all, regardless of race, sexuality, or background.  He hopes that one day females may become priestesses.  And well, of course there are the views of extraterrestrial existence that have been spoken about.  He suggests that times are changing, and the church must change with them.
This threw many of his bishops into turmoil.  Some left their positions.  They couldn’t understand the concept of the church changing its position on so many issues so drastically.  They felt that if they didn’t stand for Truth, they stood for nothing.  And in their minds, Truth is Truth, unchangeable.  There is only one Truth.  So there must be a physical hell, gay people must be sinners, females are inferior, and the Earth is the center of the universe.
My heart tells me that the current Pope is on the right path.  This leads me to conclude that for centuries, the Catholic church was simply wrong about many things.   Yes, there is only one Truth. However, our perception of Truth can be distorted over time until it is unrecognizable to its original essence.  
I was recently moved to hear my masterful Teacher declare that she was wrong about the structure of her teaching program, that she misinterpreted the guidance about how to structure the certification program.  Even though this decision resulted in losing many of her “bishops,” she did not turn away from the Truth, she acknowledged it and accepted the outcome, knowing that this course correction toward Truth was ever more important than any backlash or judgement from her followers, and that it even might affect enrollment in her program.  This is true integrity, holding Truth as the highest goal of all.  
Let us observe the example of the Pope and my Teacher and never be afraid to say, “I was wrong about the Truth here, I see that.  Let me correct my course and move back toward Truth.”  Anything else is just more distortion, leading us away from the road home.  God grant us the grace, courage, and humility to find our way more and more toward Truth, living our lives as a series of course corrections as we make our way home.  
Tammy Cambria, CRNA
Osceola Mills, PA
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