Joyfully Diving Into the Pool of Life with the Lightworkers Healing Method

When we want to BE who our souls want us to be and live the lives we’ve come into bodies to live, it’s helpful to have our souls actually in our bodies. We can all agree on that. The trick is actually doing it, right?

Our soul energy ebbs and flows like waves on a beach; some days we are more present than other days. However, as we continually align with Truth and Love, over time the amount of soul energy increases, as if the waves are part of a rising tide.

How do we live life from the perspective of our Higher Souls? We must create a space in which our souls feel comfortable. What do souls want? Souls crave truth.

Friends, we can learn to see the world around us for what it actually is, and love it anyway. We can relate to life with clear eyes and open hearts. We can be a Stand for Truth in our society, and love it anyway. In this way, we create a space in which our souls feel comfortable, and we help raise the vibrations of our world at the same time. By helping our own souls, we are also helping the world.

These two videos are a Higher-Level Talk that was given to the teaching assistants before a class by the Founder of the Lightworkers Healing Method, Lynn McGonagill. Join us here as our souls once more dive into the pool of life, re-engaging again with life. For more, visit Enjoy!

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