How Does Angelically Guided Energy Healing Work?

My dear friend,

Here we are on Earth, yes?  As spiritual beings having a human experience, we all have a plan for the life we are living. Our souls made those plans before we were born.  The plans always include challenges, but while in the Higher Dimensions, those plans seem so doable. Then we are born and things are harder than we think they were going to be.

Our lives can get off track to the point that it’s hard to feel joyful. So many people are suffering! They’re really sad and don’t know why.  Our society isn’t telling them – “It’s because you aren’t living your life!”

We can learn how to finding and live our soul’s purpose. That is what the Lightworkers Healing Method is all about – bringing us back into alignment with our soul’s plan for the life we are currently living. It’s a teachable, learnable skill. We can all learn to BE who our souls came here to be, and help others do the same.

No kidding.  You can do it. Take a chance, take a look at

Light for your path – Lynn McGonagill, Founder and Teaching Channel of the Lightworkers Healing Method

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4 Responses to How Does Angelically Guided Energy Healing Work?

  1. Celine Atherley says:

    Spiritual healing is one of oldest and traditional methods which is used to free and individual from several mental and physical illnesses. This method is also used to cure several diseases which are otherwise impossible to be treated with the modern day health care facilities. These methods of healing have started gaining high popularity today and there are several people opting for it as well. Spiritual healing can be also done through self practice or from a professional spiritual healer. Therefore if you are interested in learning about healing through spiritually then are some courses that you can enroll with in order to get your self trained for these methods..

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    • Greetings dear Celine,

      Yes, spiritual healing is ancient. However we also find ourselves in a time of significant change, and as a result spiritual healing is also changing. Our focus as a species has historically been out into the world around us, and the energy configuration of spiritual healers has of course reflected that. It is a configuration of having our intuitive channels lovingly wrapped around the healing subject, while we hold ourselves separate from them. “Good boundaries” and “maintaining the barrier” are discussed in these traditional spiritual healing methods.

      In the Lightworkers Healing Method (LHM), by contrast, we let go of the illusions of separateness. We intentionally merge ourselves with our healing subjects, becoming ONE with them. This frees up our focus to point straight UP to the Guides, Angels, and other higher-dimension beings who are here to support us. Our focus shifts from the historical horizontal configuration (out into the world around us) to a new vertical configuration – UP to Source while also being strongly grounded here in the physical dimension. This activates the miracle of simultaneous healing, in which we are healed of the same dis-harmonies our subjects are healed of, at the same time. It is a paradox and miracle of this unique energy configuration.

      This is a new way of spiritual healing, my friend. This is how energy-sensitive people can become powerful, strong, effective healers rather than being battered by the world around them. Perhaps you would want to read more at or even investigate our upcoming classes on Planetary Healing.
      Light for your path – Lynn

  2. quiet mind says:

    I have been following your posts for quiet long and its turning out great for me. Especially the videos. Its amazing to understand how healing works and helps one improve in such an efficient way.

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