Truth Sets Us Free From the DDD, the Dilemma of Delusion and Denial



Excerpts from our Love and Truth retreat 8/18/12

An old friend of mine has a great bumper sticker: “Don’t believe everything you think.” Clearly, our minds are not the friends we think they are. They can serve us well with clear insight from time to time, but they can also be a source of delusions, of lying thoughts, and of suffering. It’s quite useful to become familiar with how truth feels, and with how delusion feels. This can help us let go of the delusions as they arise, to make space for truth to bubble up.

A lying thought, a delusion, can feel hard, certain, solid, and sure. It can have the comfort of familiarity. It is the devil we know, and is based on our subconscious mind’s attachment to our old programming. Because a lying thought feels so certain, it can trip us up. “Of course this is true!” With more mindfulness, however, we might notice how tight and rigid this hard thinking feels. This is the DDD, the dilemma of delusion and denial. 

Signals of a lying thought, of the DDD, can include rationalization. “Things are like this because….” Other signals are feelings of righteousness, of victimization, or of being wronged. All these ways of being keep us small and helpless, disempowered, and stuck.

Conversely, truth is not always comfortable, but is always freeing and open. A true thought can feel unsure. Truth can challenge our thinking, our conclusions, and our definition of self. With truth there is openness rather than certainty, freedom rather than the cage of the lying thought. True thoughts can create a sense of relief as we let go of the need to lie to ourselves, the need to cover up what is with what we wish it were.

When a thought occurs, try making freeing statements such as, “I don’t know.” If you’re really brave, consider risking, “I could be wrong,” or even, “Maybe I made a mistake.” If making such a statement feels out of the question, consider asking yourself some freeing questions such as, “Am I sure that is true?” “Am I absolutely sure it’s true?” Open inquiry empowers us to move beyond our mental blocks.

Contemplation: begin with basic concentration by focusing on either your breath or your energy flow. Feel the flow of Universal love through you and around you. Notice how safe you are, supported by Source. Now, with loving light touch contemplate a situation in your life that generates discomfort. Ask yourself freeing questions; make freeing statements. Allow for a shift in understanding about the situation.

This is self-inquiry with no blame, criticism, or judgment. Please, no beating yourself up, my friend! We can be glad we see our delusions and our lying thoughts, rather than sad we have them. We are eternal beings engaged in an eternal growth process. There will always be finer and finer levels to work through. We won’t ever be “done,” so there is no pressure to be perfect. We can simply notice what is, with compassion for ourselves and for the world around us.

Return to basic concentration if anxiety arises or if you lose your ability to be present with open insight in some other way. Focus on your breath; re-establish peace. Don’t overdo the contemplations; you have all the time in the world. Close with allowing the flow of Universal Love to fill every single cell of your being until you are sopping wet with love.


Lynn McGonagill, Founder and Teaching Channel for the Lightworkers Healing Method, and author of The Lightworkers Healing Method: BE Who Your Soul Wants You To Be

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