Making Every Moment Sacred

Dear friends,

This morning’s email greeted me with a request from a friend to share my Thanksgiving message on her blog.  “Of course!” Then came what I call the flat-forehead moment (insert forehead slap here) in which I realized I should post it on our own blog. Oopsie. So! My friends! We can have Thanksgiving in our hearts EVERY day. Why not today?

Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friends!

I got another assignment from my Guides this morning: to get really clear about what I’m most grateful for. Now HERE is a challenge, because truly, I’m grateful for SO MUCH: the way the sun lights up the Spanish Moss at Sattvic times (early morning and late afternoon). Rabbits not running away as I walk right past them. The way the tip of my nose gets cold in the winter to remind me that it (the nose-tip) matters, too. Strong fingernails. However, what am I most grateful for? Hmmm. This IS an interesting assignment.

Some time later, I believe I understand what, at the heart of it, I’m truly most grateful for. I’m grateful almost beyond description to the Guides, who HOLD FAST to their commitment to help us live our individual Soul Plans. But in my innermost heart, I’m most grateful for the Divine Plan itself, the overall tapestry for this Free Will Universe that Wise Divine Minds have woven out of all our individual plans.

What an amazing, magical experience life is, when we engage with it as a grand game, and follow our Soul Plans! It is a challenging, eternally evolving, wild, fast-and-furious free-wheeling fun game, with a fascinating blend of destiny and free will choices. How glorious! I’m most grateful for the overall Divine Plan, for the way all our individual Soul Plans fit into the overall tapestry to give our lives meaning, and for the way our Guides patiently, lovingly, firmly, and inexorably draw us forward on this plan.

Over, through, and around our fear-barriers and resistance, over and over again, our Guides draw us forward. They never give up on anyone or anything. They just keep going, drawing us forward on our individual Soul Plans. In this way, they manifest the glorious overall Divine Plan –  for, with, and through all of us.

This is how it is for me, for you, and for all of us. We all have the chance to live a deeply meaningful life. We can all be part of manifesting the Divine Plan on Earth. This is precisely what I’m most grateful for: the amazing, eternally evolving Plan itself. Thank you Spirit!

Dear friends, I love you all, deeply and truly. May you enjoy this beautiful holiday with your loved ones. Don’t go shopping. Don’t slip into meaninglessness. Speak the truth, not social lies. Have deep conversations, not superficial ones. Sit and speak with peace, love, hope, and joy in your hearts, making sacred moments for yourselves. Open up to the next level of life. We can learn to live in such a way that EVERY moment is sacred – and in that way, our lives and the entire world transform.

We can do it! We can. Much love dear friends. Much love!

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Now Is The Time

Dear friends,

The other day, someone asked me how things were in my world. Great question, right? Her words caused me to focus in a new way on what is going on around us. There’s still time, but hey! Our world has some serious issues, right? Dolphins are slaughtered for bait, toxicity is creating an ever-increasing epidemic of cancer, borders still exist that devastate lives through warfare and immigration barriers that separate loved ones, not to mention the big baddie: climate change.

But! There’s still time. Wise Divine Minds have already designed a plan that gets us out of this mess – but we each have to do our part. All the slack is out of the system now, all the lag-time has been used. Now is the time for each of us to step up, and step up in a big way. 

Of course there’s always the next planet – but this one is worth saving, too.  It’s time for all of us to consider how we can play a larger game, not a smaller one. How can we make more of an impact? How can we do more? Now is the time. For sure.

I suspect my friend was just extending the typical social greeting, and this is probably a lot more of an answer than she expected or wanted. It’s just that I am actually committed to the cause of helping all beings live their soul plans, creating lives of joy in a world that works, and doing it NOW before it’s too late. Very soon now, it will be too late.

I’ve discovered keeping quiet about it definitely doesn’t work. I’ve also discovered that, for the most part, speaking about it doesn’t work either  – but taking action feels good. Regardless of how the other person responds, my soul is encouraged and takes hope when I take action. This is how I can find the heart to continue on: I keep taking action.

Will you join me? For real? We need capable people like you.  We do.  And yes, I am talking to YOU. There’s so little time left, and so few are actually stepping up. Almost everyone is still fighting with their Guides, lagging and arguing, waiting for life to kick them before they respond. Meanwhile the Arctic ice is disappearing at exactly the rate the Guides predicted, about 10 to 20 times faster than the “scientists” said it would. In about 2 more years, it’s gone. When that’s gone, if we’re still headed hard in the wrong direction, we are past the point of no return, for this society on this planet at any rate. Of course there’s always the next planet – but taking action feels good. 

My friend, I don’t necessarily expect an answer. Most people ignore emails and blogs like this, because they aren’t ready to say “YES I’ll do it,” and feel wrong about saying “no,” honestly and forthrightly – so they just don’t respond. Sometimes they even take the next step and go around saying really harsh things about me – which is a beautiful gift to me, because then I discover that, with focus and determined effort, I can love them anyway. 

So. However you react will give me a gift. If you say harsh things, I will love you anyway and be grateful for the opportunity to stretch and grow. If you ignore me, I will love you anyway and be grateful for the opportunity to stretch and grow. If you join me? I will love you and we will have a joyous, amazing experience of transforming the world together, stretching and growing big-time.

Will you join me?



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Parallels in Truth – an email from a student

Greetings dear friends,
So many of us are stuck in our lives because we are afraid to look at the truth of what’s really going on. Instead, we sit with our blinders on, denying what we need to change. This keeps us trapped in misery.  Clearly this is happening; look at how common it is to take pain-killers, sleep aids, anti-depressants, and anti-anxiety “medications.” That’s all about covering up the pain; it’s part of the pattern of denial, and only prolongs our suffering.
In the Lightworkers Healing Method, we begin to learn to distinguish what is true about our lives and about the world around us.  In this way, we can become free, and move into lives of JOY. One of our advanced students wrote a beautiful email yesterday. With her permission, I’m sharing it with you, below.
For more about the Lightworkers Healing Method, come to .  There are only four entry-level classes each year; the next is a six-day intensive at Kripalu, January 26-31. On March 8-9, we have another entry-level class in our standard format of a weekend workshop. Will you join us?
with love,
Dearest Lynn, Truth has inspired me to write this and pass it on to you.  
Parallels in Truth

The current Pope is changing the face of Catholicism.  He recently declared there to be no real physical hell with fire and brimstone scalding the sinners, but rather, being separated from God being such a miserable choice that it has been called hell.
He also denounced the notion of Catholicism being the only path to God, and rather declared that all religions follow the road home.  He suggested that the doors of the Catholic Church be opened to all, regardless of race, sexuality, or background.  He hopes that one day females may become priestesses.  And well, of course there are the views of extraterrestrial existence that have been spoken about.  He suggests that times are changing, and the church must change with them.
This threw many of his bishops into turmoil.  Some left their positions.  They couldn’t understand the concept of the church changing its position on so many issues so drastically.  They felt that if they didn’t stand for Truth, they stood for nothing.  And in their minds, Truth is Truth, unchangeable.  There is only one Truth.  So there must be a physical hell, gay people must be sinners, females are inferior, and the Earth is the center of the universe.
My heart tells me that the current Pope is on the right path.  This leads me to conclude that for centuries, the Catholic church was simply wrong about many things.   Yes, there is only one Truth. However, our perception of Truth can be distorted over time until it is unrecognizable to its original essence.  
I was recently moved to hear my masterful Teacher declare that she was wrong about the structure of her teaching program, that she misinterpreted the guidance about how to structure the certification program.  Even though this decision resulted in losing many of her “bishops,” she did not turn away from the Truth, she acknowledged it and accepted the outcome, knowing that this course correction toward Truth was ever more important than any backlash or judgement from her followers, and that it even might affect enrollment in her program.  This is true integrity, holding Truth as the highest goal of all.  
Let us observe the example of the Pope and my Teacher and never be afraid to say, “I was wrong about the Truth here, I see that.  Let me correct my course and move back toward Truth.”  Anything else is just more distortion, leading us away from the road home.  God grant us the grace, courage, and humility to find our way more and more toward Truth, living our lives as a series of course corrections as we make our way home.  
Tammy Cambria, CRNA
Osceola Mills, PA
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Joyfully Diving Into the Pool of Life with the Lightworkers Healing Method

When we want to BE who our souls want us to be and live the lives we’ve come into bodies to live, it’s helpful to have our souls actually in our bodies. We can all agree on that. The trick is actually doing it, right?

Our soul energy ebbs and flows like waves on a beach; some days we are more present than other days. However, as we continually align with Truth and Love, over time the amount of soul energy increases, as if the waves are part of a rising tide.

How do we live life from the perspective of our Higher Souls? We must create a space in which our souls feel comfortable. What do souls want? Souls crave truth.

Friends, we can learn to see the world around us for what it actually is, and love it anyway. We can relate to life with clear eyes and open hearts. We can be a Stand for Truth in our society, and love it anyway. In this way, we create a space in which our souls feel comfortable, and we help raise the vibrations of our world at the same time. By helping our own souls, we are also helping the world.

These two videos are a Higher-Level Talk that was given to the teaching assistants before a class by the Founder of the Lightworkers Healing Method, Lynn McGonagill. Join us here as our souls once more dive into the pool of life, re-engaging again with life. For more, visit Enjoy!

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Spiraling Up To New Levels with the Lightworkers Healing Method

Dear friends, we would be honored to have you join us in our recent closing circle at the end of the core curriculum of the Lightworkers Healing Method. In this two-minute video, healers with 20 years’ experience and people brand new to energy healing speak about how taking the core curriculum of the Lightworkers Healing Method has changed their lives. Students are transformed as they learn to be channels for Guides, Angels, and Lightbeings, heal past life traumas, and help others come into alignment with their soul plans.

Click here for the video: Spiraling Up To New Levels

The next class series begins in just a few months with a weeklong intensive at Kripalu, January 26-31. Combining Level One: The Foundation with Level Two: Letting Go of the Past creates a deeply powerful experience of learning and soul growth.  We are giving away a free seat in this amazing class. Is it for you? If you are drawn to learn more about this system of Angelically guided energy healing, please come to for a freely shared 80-minute introductory class, and to register to win.

The Lightworkers Healing Method is an all-volunteer organization on a mission to help all beings live their soul plans and find JOY. Will you join us?

As taught at the Institute of Noetic Sciences
30 hours CE credits for Social Workers, Massage Therapists, Yoga Teachers; CEU’s for Doctors of Oriental Medicine

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Pain and Joy Both Open the Heart

The purpose of life is to experience JOY, but it’s up to us to make that happen for ourselves. The obvious question: “HOW?”

Here’s a short clip filmed during a recent class in the core curriculum of the Lightworkers Healing Method. Finding joy for ourselves and for others is what we teach. As spiritual beings having a human experience, our souls have a plan for our lives before we’re born. Then we’re born and it’s harder than we thought it would be. Suffering happens. Our lives get off track. By helping ourselves and others come back into alignment with our soul plans, not only do dis-eases and dis-harmonies heal, but we find JOY.

Dear friends, channeling Higher-Dimension healers is a teachable, learnable skill. You can learn to BE who your soul came here to be, and help others do the same. Please help yourself to our freely shared resources at By working together, each doing our part, the world transforms!

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Finding a Great Treasure and Gaining Back Hope in Humanity with the Lightworkers Healing Method

Who takes classes in a system of Angelically Guided Energy Healing that has the purpose of bringing people into alignment with their soul plans? You’re right. Our students are the most amazing people and come to us from all over the world. Please join three beautiful souls as they share from their hearts at the conclusion of our core curriculum.

Please join us again as we share more short videos from this closing circle over the next few weeks – and if you are drawn to learn more about this system of Angelically guided energy healing, please come to for a freely shared 80-minute introductory class, many freely shared audio and video resources, and to register for one of our weekend workshops.

The next class series begins in just a few months with Level One: The Foundation, the weekend of August 24-25. The main event is in the Boston area, there is a “hybrid” class in Sarasota Florida, and you can webinar in from anywhere on Earth. As we each live our own soul plans, the world transforms.

As taught at Kripalu and the Institute of Noetic Sciences
CE credits available: NASW, NCCAOM, NCBTMB

You can also find us at:‎

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